About YouJudgeIt™

YouJudgeIt™ is an intuitive adjudication solution for sponsors of competitions on a budget. With YouJudgeIt™, you get the skills and experience of an in-house staff that has managed online adjudication systems for nearly a decade. You also get the simplest, most affordable online adjudication technology out there. YouJudgeIt™ was designed and priced especially for organizations with limited budgets that cannot afford–and likely don't need–an advanced system. With YouJudgeIt™, you pay for only what you need and use–no more, no less. The low cost and simple functionality make online adjudication available to any competition–regardless of size, budget, or staff resources.
No new organizations are being accepted at this time.
After creating an account, log in using the email and password you created, and proceed to your administrator dashboard. From there, click on "ADD A CALL" and follow the directions on each page to create your call settings, add questions for your applicants to answer, select your jury, and activate your call.

For help with creating your call, watch our administrator tutorial video.
A “call” is an open application forum for collecting and managing information provided by a pool of applicants. All types of competitions, artistic evaluations, and student applications are examples of calls.

A “call” is essentially an advertisement. You place a call asking photographers to submit photos, or students to submit applications, or architects to submit blueprints . You then use YouJudgeit to manage all of that information you are gathering in order to award winners.
If you wish to allow your applicants to upload videos, audio, or documents to your call, you will need to enable this functionality by clicking on the corresponding icon next to the “Type of files your applicants can upload” section.

Additional media sample fees:
  • Images: FREE
  • Documents: 60 Tokens ($60)
  • Audio: 225 Tokens ($225)
  • Video: 450 Tokens ($450)
A token is what gives you purchasing power within the YouJudgeIt system. Each token has a value of $1. You will need to purchase tokens in order to accept applications and activate features of the system you expect to use throughout your call. There are no contracts and no annual fees. For a full explanation of the YouJudgeIt pricing, visit our Pricing Page.
Yes. A transaction fee of 3.5% + $0.30 is applied to all incoming transactions.
When you sign up with YouJudgeIt you receive 500 MB of FREE storage. You can purchase additional storage at any time from your organization’s admin dashboard under the ‘Transactions’ tab.
This is your organization's legal agreement with your applicants. If this box is blank, your applicants agree to the YouJudgeIt Service Agreement and Legal Agreement. This ensures protection for YouJudgeIt, your organization, and the applicants applying for your call.
The call administrator sets the Application Fee. This is the fee paid by your applicants in order to submit to your call. Administrators can set this value at $0.00 if the call is free.
The Work Sample Fee applies to each piece of media your applicants submit. For example, if you are collecting 2 images and 1 song, this would be considered 3 work samples. Administrators can charge one flat fee that applies to each work sample.
YouJudgeIt™ allows organizations to add four different types of questions to their applications; Short form, long form, single choice and multiple choice. These question forms are completely customizable and are a great opportunity to gather more information from your applicants.
No. If you do not wish for your call to be juried, simply click Activate Call under the Scoring Schema tab in your call settings. You can use the system to collect information from applicants if you are not having a jury process.
This Scoring Schema is where you set specific scoring guidelines for your jurors to follow. By creating a scoring range and weight for your juror questionnaire, your jury can accurately rate your applicants.
After you activate your call, it will be viewable to applicants at your custom URL. You will want to promote your call using your email list, social media, and any other means of advertising that your organization employs. You can manage and edit your calls at any time by clicking the Manage Calls link at the top of the admin dashboard.
In your Call Settings page, click on the Add Jurors tab. Here you can add jurors by inputting their email and creating a password for them to log in with. Jurors will then receive an email with this information, as well as instructions for how to log in and begin their jurying process.
Within the YouJudgeIt system, you can email selected applicants individually or as a group. On the Manage Calls page, under the Actions column, click View Applications. Each applicant can be selected by name, juror score, or application status. Click the Email Selected Applicants button to send them an email. This functionality is often utilized when a call deadline is approaching to remind applicants to finish and submit any pending applications.
Click on Manage Calls. Under the Actions column you have the option to download your call’s Application Data. This includes the applicants names, emails, and responses to your application questions. Additionally, you can download the applicant’s work sample data, which includes all of the media each applicant has submitted.
Make sure you are logging in at the Admin Login here: https://youjudgeit.org/adminlogin

For a full explanation of how to apply to a call, please see this document: Getting Started: Applicant
Make sure you are at the organizations custom URL. Every organization has a unique YouJudgeIt URL (ex. www.youjudgeit.org/Stefansgallery). If you can’t find the correct URL, be sure to contact the administrator directly.
Be sure the organization’s deadline has not passed. Make sure you have completed every required application question, and uploaded all media required for the call you are applying to.
Make sure you are at the correct organization URL. Every organization has a unique YouJudgeIt URL (ex. www.youjudgeit.org/Stefansgallery).
Contact the administrator of the call directly to see if they will allow your application to be moved from a ‘Received’ status to a “In Progress” status to allow changes.
Yes. The YouJudgeIt system saves all of the information in your application automatically as you type. You can log in and out as much as you would like before submitting your application. Make sure you submit your application before the call deadline passes.

For a full explanation of how to jury a call, please see this document: Getting Started: Juror
Make sure you are at the organizations custom URL. Every organization has a unique YouJudgeIt URL (ex. www.youjudgeit.org/Stefansgallery). If you can’t find the correct URL, be sure to contact the administrator directly.
You can log into your juror account using the user name (your email) and password, that were sent to you by YouJudgeIt.
At the Jury Log-in page, click the Forgot Password link and follow instructions to recover and change your password.