National Purebred Dog Day

National Purebred Dog Day, May 1, celebrates the heritage, diversity and predictability of the purebred dog. Each breed is a living legacy of the culture that created it for a reason, each indelibly etched in that culture’s history as surely as its music, art, and language. Throughout history, purebred dogs have worked alongside people as protectors, hunters, guardians and guide dogs. They are service dogs, and police dogs, conservation dogs, search and rescue dogs. They are canine soldiers serving by the side of our military men and women, and always, they are the heartbeat of a companion near and dear to us. 

All dogs should be valued, whatever their ancestry, but the purpose-bred dog and the predictability of its breed is to be cherished and preserved. Over 300 dog breeds exist in the world today, but many are at risk of vanishing forever in our lifetime. National Purebred Dog Day seeks to preserve and protect the world's diversity of dog breeds through education. 

National Purebred Dog Day is pleased to announce its second annual art competition. One "Best in Show " winner as determined by the juror will receive $2,000, their winning image made into a poster representing National Purebred Dog Day for 2017.

The Challenge: Over 300 dog breeds exist in the world today, too many at risk of vanishing in our lifetime. To honor the versatility and rich heritage of these breeds, the theme of National Purebred Dog Day's 2017 competition is "Purebred Dogs: They're Not Just For Show."  Artists are encouraged to include breeds that represent each of the following AKC groups: Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Herding, Toy, and Non-Sporting, and Miscellaneous.  To see the breeds from each group, visit 

Criteria: Art will be judged according to the following standards:

Does the submitted work successfully interpret the competition theme, “Purebred Dogs: They’re Not Just for Show?” 

Does the image demonstrate creativity, originality, and craftsmanship?

Does the artist demonstrate skill in their use of the material?

Would this image hold its visual integrity when translated into a poster? 

Juror: Susan Sprung

Biography: Purebred dogs have always been a part of Susan Sprung's life.  She grew up in the Bronx, New York and began attending dog shows with family friends in 1964.  It was at that time she knew the sport would be a part of her future.  Ms. Sprung began exhibiting Afghan Hounds in 1969 and subsequently Greyhounds in the early70’s. Throughout much of this period, she was employed by a number of purebred dog publications including Popular Dogs, Showdogs and Shows & Dogs magazines.  She worked both full time on-staff, as well as one becoming one of the first ringside candid photographers, and when time allowed, did a limited number of private shoots.  She concluded both the exhibiting dogs and dog photography in1989 due to her husband’s then new position with the AKC.  Dogs that she co-owned or bred amassed 180 All-Breed Bests in Show, as well as National Specialty wins in both breeds while she was active.  

Ms. Sprung received her art education at the School of Art & Design in New York City, studied the arts in general and ultimately majored in photography.  Over the years, she always appreciated and collected fine dog art in all mediums, dating from the 19th century through artists of the present.

Ms. Sprung has been a member of the Bronx County Kennel Club since 1969, and served as its show chair for a decade.  She also maintains memberships in The Afghan Hound Club of America, The Greyhound Club of America, Morris and Essex KC, The Ladies Kennel Association of America and is a brand new member of the Progressive Dog Club based in NYC.

Ms. Sprung is now happily retired giving her the time to work as Secretary and Publicity Chair for “Take The Lead,” an exceptionally worthwhile non-profit organization dedicated to taking care of people within the sport suffering from life-threatening illness, or to a limited degree, those who need temporary financial assistance due to disasters such as fire, floods, earthquakes and the like. She is extremely proud to be a part of this group.

We are honored and proud to have Susan Sprung jury National Purebred Dog Day's 2017 Fine Art/Poster competition. 

Competition is open to all artists over 18 years of age who have no affiliation with an animal rights group; 

Entries must be original artwork in both concept and execution, and no portion may be of another artist's published or copyrighted work; 

Media: Submitted work may be in oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, water soluble oils, casein, charcoal, mixed media, egg tempura, or ink. Photographs, sculptures,print art, digital or fiber art is not accepted; Images must be of purebred dogs.

A non-refundable entry fee of $35.00 covers one submitted image per artist;  Artists may submit two works.

DEADLINE: November 1, 2017

Size:  Original size is left to the artist's discretion, but the finished poster size of the winning piece will be 18 x 24";

Sale of Work: All entries should be available for sale on National Purebred Dog Day's website, and images will be posted there after a winner has been chosen and announced. National Purebred Dog Day will retain 25% of sold pieces. This presents an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent and sell their work to a concentrated audience of purebred dog enthusiasts;

Each entrant is required to submit one digital image of their entry.  Images should be in JPEG format. Please take care in photographing your work to ensure a quality image because entries will be juried by JPGs, and the strength of a submission partially rests on the quality of the jpg file;  Be sure that your submission includes the name of the piece, its price, medium, and your name. 

·   File resolution: 600 dpi (standard web resolution)

The winning artist will be notified via email on November 6, 2017

Terms & Conditions

The receipt of an entry in this competition constitutes agreement by the artist to fully comply with the conditions and terms set forth.  The winning artist consents to having his or her winning work of art made into any number of posters which will be sold by National Purebred Dog Day. The winning artist further agrees not to generate electronic or digital images or reproductions of the winning piece of art;

National Purebred Dog Day reserves the right to use any or all submitted images for educational and promotional purposes through social media, but only the winning piece will be made into a physical poster. All images used will be given full attribution, and a link through which interested parties may reach the artist will be posted.

No late entries will be considered. No refunds will be made on unaccepted, late, or pulled entries, nor to those who have not complied with submission guidelines; 

The price assigned to artwork in the online entry process is the price National Purebred Dog Day will use, and price changes will not be allowed once a piece has been accepted;  In the event of a sale, artists are responsible for making arrangements with the buyer which includes shipping and insuring their work;  National Purebred Dog Day will NOT handle sales of works.

By your entry, you agree to the rules, terms and conditions set forth by National Purebred Dog Day;  Should you win, you agree to give permission to National Purebred Dog Day to use your image as a poster for sale and marketing purposes.

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